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Wanted: Market enablers!

The Every1 project aims to support everyone in their roles during the digitalization of the energy system. By identifying the main stakeholders and their needs, we aim to assess the gathered existing training material and bridge gaps through the development of tailored capacity building material.

Within the frame of the project, our goal is also to establish a collaborative network of market enablers, bringing together DSOs, TSOs, regulators and policy makers from diverse EU countries. This network aims to interact on exemplary approaches for a feasible flexibility market, best practices, and creating opportunities for pilot projects or demonstrations as well as to enable and promote market opportunities. In addition, we also hope to receive insights and feedback on learning materials about digitalization of energy for citizens, companies and other organizations. 

Furthermore, this network will offer valuable recommendations regarding the educational content of the project and co-create customized learning material for their employees about the digitalization of energy.

Are you interested in collaborating with us? Reach out to us and use this networking opportunity! 

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